Chatham-Kent Public Library Board - AGENDA
February 23, 2021 at 5:00 pm via Skype


Chatham-Kent Public Library Board Annual General Meeting - 2021
  1. Election of Officers for 2021 / Appointment of Representatives to Committees
  2. Report / Comments from Board Chair

A. Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest

B. Chair's Remarks

C. Approval of Agenda
C-1 Approval of Agenda

D. Minutes of Previous Meeting 
            D-1 Approval of the minutes of the Chatham-Kent Library Board Skype meeting of December 15, 2020

E. Recess to Closed Session

F. Business Arising from the Minutes

G. Presentations

Strategic Discussion

H. Committee Reports
              H-1 Ridgetown Friends - no meeting held
              H-2 Policy Committee - no meeting held
              H-3 Evaluation Committee - no meeting held
              H-4 Strategic Planning Committee - no meeting held
              H-5 Fundraising Committee - no meeting held
              H-6 Budget Committee - no meeting held

I. New Business
              I-1 Report re: Hoopla 2.0 (copy)
              I-2 Report re: Trust Fund Interest for 2021 (copy)
              I-3 Report re: Marketing Initiatives for 2021 (copy)
              I-4 Report re: Borrowers 2020 Update (copy)
              I-5 Report re: Fourth Quarter Performance Metrics 2020 (copy)
              I-6 Verbal Report: Update on RFID Proposal
              I-7 Verbal Report: Update on 2021 Budget

J. Board Professional Development

Consent Agenda

K. Reports
              K-1 Narrative Report for January 2021 (copy)
              K-2 CEO/Chief Librarian Report for January 2021 (copy)
              K-3 Manager Reports for January 2021 (copy)

L. Correspondence
              L-1 Letter from OLSN (Ontario Library Service-North) re: Amalgamation of Library Services (North and South) and CKPL Board appointment


M. New Business
               M-1 Strategic Direction re: Erieau Book Deposit

N. Other Business
                N-1 Next meeting: March 23, 2021 via Skype

O. Adjournment