Chatham-Kent Public Library Board - Agenda

October 27, 2020 at 5:00 pm via SKYPE


A. Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest
B. Chair's Remarks
C. Approval of Agenda
D. Minutes of Previous Meeting
            D-1 Approval of the minutes of the Chatham-Kent Public Library Board Skype meeting of September 29, 2020.
E. Recess to Closed Session
F. Business Arising From the Minutes
            F-1 Verbal Report: Update on Highgate Branch Analysis
G. Presentations

Strategic Discussion

H. Committee Reports
             H-1 Ridgetown Friends - No meeting held
             H-2 Policy Committee - No meeting held
             H-3 Evaluation Committee - No meeting held
             H-4 Strategic Planning Committee - No meeting held
             H-5 Fundraising Committee - No meeting held
             H-6 Budget Committee - No meeting held
I. New Business
              I-1 Report re: Interlibrary Loan (ILLO) Policy (copy)
              I-2 Report re: Update on 2019 - 2020 Operational Plan (copy)
              I-3 Verbal Report re: Performance Metrics for 2nd Quarter (copy)
              I-4 Verbal Report re: CKPL Service Analysis (copy)
J. Board Professional Development

Consent Agenda

K. Reports
L. Correspondence


M. New Business
N. Other Business
                 N-1 Next meeting: November 24, 2020 via Skype
O. Adjournment