Couple looking at a laptopBuilding Permits

The Building Development Services Division is responsible for ensuring all construction in the Municipality of Chatham-Kent meets required standards for structure, fire and life safety, and land use.

Construction standards and other requirements are set out in provincial statutes and regulations such as the Ontario Building Code, and municipal by-laws such as the Building By-law and Zoning By-law.

The process which ensures this mandate is achieved through the issuance of Building Permits and the subsequent required inspections.

Other permits available from the Building Department include:


  • Swimming Pool Permits

  • Demolition Permits

  • Septic Permits

  • Sign Permits

  • Sewer Connection Permits

Open Burn Permits

In accordance with the Fire Prevention and Protection Act, O. REG. 213/07.c.4, the Ontario Fire Code Division B, Sentence of R.S.O. 1997 - Open-Air Burning is not permitted unless approved by the Station Chief of your community fire station. An application to burn must be submitted. Open Burn Application, including conditions for burning, can be downloaded in the open burn page.

Public Works Permits

The Public Works Department requires a permit for any type of work done on the Municipal Right of Way (ROW) or roadway. Some permits require a permit fee and a refundable deposit, depending on the type of work.  Our Department also requires a Moving Permit for moving oversized objects on our municipal roadways.  

For information on any of the following permits, please select the appropriate category listed on the left of the page:


  • Moving Permits

  • Encroachment Permits

  • Entrance Permits

  • Enclosure Permits

Water and Sewer Connection Permits

Water and/or sewer connection permits must be obtained prior to any work commencing to connect to the municipal system.

It is the building and/or property owners' responsibility to obtain a water or sewer permit when required.

Application for water permits can be directed to the Public Utilities Commission 519.436.0119.

Application for sewer permits can be directed to the Building Department 519.360.1998.

Upon payment, a connection will be installed from the main to the property line. It will be the responsibility of the property owner to install the connection from the property line to the building.