long shot of the front of civic centre

The Chief Administrative Officer works with the following departments within the municipal administrative organization.  

Municipality of Chatham-Kent Organizational Structure

Chief Administrative Officer-Don Shropshire

CAO/Mayor's Office

·         Acting Director, Economic Development-Stuart McFadden

General Manager/Chief Human Resource Officer-Cathy Hoffman

Corporate Services

·         Director, Customer Services-Leanne Segeren Swayze

·         Human Resources & Organizational Development

General Manager/Chief Legal Officer-John Norton

Community Development

·         Chief, Fire & Paramedic-Bob Crawford

·         Director, Building Development Services-Paul Lacina

·         Director, Municipal Governance/Clerk-Judy Smith

·         Director, Planning Services-Bruce McAllister

·         Manager, Legal Services-David Taylor

·         Manager, Provincial Offences Court-Christine Jackson

General Manager/Chief Financial Officer-Mike Turner

Financial, Budget and Information Technology Services

·         Director, Budget and Performance Measurement-Gord Quinton

·         Director, Financial Services-Steven Brown

·         Director, Information Technology Services-Helen McLaren

General Manager-April Rietdyk

Community Human Services

·         CEO/Chief Librarian, Chatham-Kent Public Library-Tania Sharpe

·         Director, Child Care & Early Years-Kelly Emery

·         Director, Community Attraction & Leisure Services-Evelyn Bish

·         Director, Employment and Social Services-Valerie Colasanti

·         Director, Housing Services-Shelly Wilkins

·         Director, Public Health-Teresa Bendo

·         Director, Senior Services-Tami Gillier

General Manager-Thomas Kelly

Infrastructure and Engineering Services

·         Director, Drainage, Waste and Asset Management-Tim Dick

·         Director, Engineering and Transportation Services-Chris Thibert

·         Acting Director, Public Works-Pat Bruette

The following agencies work in close administrative coordination with the municipal structure:

·         Chatham-Kent Police Services

·         Chatham-Kent Public Utilities Commission (Water & Wastewater)

·         Entegrus Inc. (Electricity)