Date of Incident: 2020-06-20

Time of Call: 01:35

Address of Incident: 10508 Talbot Trail

Responding Stations:
               Station #14 - Erieau
               Station #18 - Blenheim

Type of Incident: Structure Fire

Type of Building: Garage

Approximate Loss: 30000

Cause: Undetermined

Comments on incident/response: Crews from Station #18 - Blenheim & Station #14 - Erieau responded to a small detached garage fire on Talbot Trail at 1:30am this morning. $30,000 in damages, no injuries. Undetermined cause, not suspicious.

Name of Person Releasing Information: Whitney Burk

Name of Contact Person For More Information: Chief Adam Walters

Phone Number: 519-436-3270