Date of Incident: 2020-07-07

Time of Call: 17:40

Address of Incident: Grande River Line & Jacob Rd

Responding Stations:
               Station #1 - Chatham
               Station #15 - Raleigh North
               Station #16 - Raleigh South

Type of Incident: Fuel Tanker

Approximate Loss: 480000

Cause: Undetermined

Comments on cause: Station #16 - Raleigh South & Station #15 - Raleigh North responded to transport fuel truck fire just before 6pm this evening. Station #1 & #2 - Chatham were called to assist. The fire started in the cab area of the truck and the driver was able to escape safely. An evacuation noticed was given to residents in the area, while firefighters worked to stabilize the situation. Crews quickly kept the fuel tanks cooled while they extinguished the fire. No one was injured.

Name of Person Releasing Information: Whitney Burk

Phone Number: 519-436-3270