WEtech AllianceChatham-Kent Economic Development Services and the Small Business Centre are in partnership with WEtech Alliance to build a regional technology community that fosters entrepreneurship, innovation and collaboration. This partnership allows businesses to have access to three main collaborative pillars:

  • Business Acceleration
  • Building & Engaging the Tech Community
  • Championing Tech and Innovation

WEtech Alliance provides the tools, programs, resources and support that entrepreneurs and innovation and technology-centric companies require for sustaining growth, development and success. For more information about WEtech Alliance programs and services, visit their website.

WEtech Alliance provides service to all of Chatham-Kent

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We work to help today’s entrepreneurs to launch new ventures, connect with academia, provide education and networking opportunities to accelerate business growth for small-to-medium enterprises, and serve as advocates for the region’s technology and innovation companies. You can book your appointment with a Chatham-Kent advisor by contacting a Business Consultant today.