Superpowers come in all forms and yours just might be running your own business. Students between 15 and 29 years old: apply to Summer Company and be your own boss!

All that’s required is a good summer company idea, commitment, and hard work. In return, students receive hands-on business training from successful business leaders, and financial support with awards of up to $3,000 to assist with start-up cost and working capital over the course of the summer.

If you're between 15 and 29 years old, you can apply to Summer Company, a program designed to help enterprising young people start up and run their own summer business.

How Do I Apply for Summer Company?

1. Fill out the Online Application for Summer Company

2. Prepare assistance provided through the Chatham-Kent Small Business Centre

3. Submit your business plan for review to the Chatham-Kent Small Business Centre

Am I ELIGIBLE for Summer Company?

You are if you’re:

• Between 15-29 years of age as of April 1

• A student returning to school full or part time in the fall

• Proposing a new start-up business

• A resident of Ontario

• A Canadian citizen or Landed Immigrant

• Not operating an existing business or employed full time over the course of the summer

• Prepared to commit a minimum of 8 consecutive weeks full-time to the experience

Businesses NOT ELIGIBLE for Summer Company are:

• A partnership

• A franchise

• A distributorship

• A multi- level marketing venture

• A musical venture such as bands, DJ’s dance/party events

• A 1-900 business

• A previous recipient of a Summer Company Award

2019 Summer Company Student Businesses

The 2019 Summer Company Students Businesses are up and running. Watch here for more details soon: 

  • Olivia Postma – Liv to Create
  • Zak Mainville – Just Call Zak Home&Yard Care
  • Danielle Lucier – Expand Your Reach
  • Hannah Verster – Elysian Ethical
  • Elizabeth Dow – Hears the Scoop
  • Heather Dow – Heather's Bounce Club