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Expert Business Advice

Get practical advice for your business. The Chatham-Kent Small Business Centre’s small business advisors are available to meet with you to confidentially discuss your business idea or plan.
Bouncing ideas off of friends and family is a good way to start getting some help, but it’s no substitute for talking to a qualified expert. The Chatham-Kent Small Business Centre provides you with face-to-face business expert who can help you with your specific concerns. 

Our experienced consultants are dedicated to helping you navigate through the stages of planning, starting, and growing your small business. While you can always choose to go it alone and learn from your mistakes, there is nothing better than having a team help you prepare for and avoid common business challenges and pitfalls. 

Get practical, common-sense, and insightful information for your business. Book a free consultation today.

Download a business plan template here

Through the Small Business Centre you have access to a wide range of consultation services, including:

  • No-cost one-on-one consultations to discuss your business ideas, stages of planning, and any specific issues or assistance you may require
  • Guidance on licenses, permits, registration, regulations, and other forms and documents required to start and build a business
  • Advice and support on preparing a business plan, including help working through any roadblocks in the planning process
  • Help with obtaining financing, preparing a cash flow, and understanding government programs and services that may be available
  • Insight and a formal review of your plans and presentations in order to be better prepared to work with lenders and investors
  • Direction on developing a marketing and communication plan to help you promote your business
  • Research and support for finding suppliers, equipment, and inventory you may need

Our business consultations are meant solely as a form of advice and direction, with the concept of self-help present throughout all discussions. The Chatham-Kent Small Business Centre encourages you to seek professional advice on legal, tax and accounting matters where necessary.