Red Tape Review

Since July 2018, the Community Development Department has been reviewing development services provided by each division (Economic Development Services, Planning Services, Building Development Services, Legal Services, and Fire and Emergency Management Services) .

The review of processes within the municipal corporation is with respect to business growth and making it easier to invest in Chatham-Kent with a view of reducing red tape and making recommendations to enhance customer service and efficiencies.

The municipal Executive Management Team and the Community Development Advisory Committee of Council have been presented with information on this project and have had an opportunity to provide endorsement and comment, and all divisions within Community Development are actively engaged in providing assistance for the red tape review of development processes.


All employees within the Community Development department have been consulted/ informed about project goals and anonymously provided input on development processes already in place. Further to the recommendations and/or critical feedback received, employees were asked to identify current challenges that exist and to provide potential solutions to ensure that municipal services provided are effective and/or efficient.

A review of current processes within the Community Development department continues to occur. A full analysis with recommendations will be presented to administration at a later date after outside consultation has taken place with the development community.

Reports to Council

  • Information Report to Council – January 21, 2019 (link)
  • Information Report to Council regarding the status of the red tape review of development processes is expected to come back to Council in April 2019
  • Report to Council with recommendations as early as May 2019.

Contact Information

Community Development Department
315 King Street West
Chatham ON N7M 5K8

Phone: 519.360.1998

Fax: 519.436.3237

Email: ck????



January 2019 to March 2019

The Community Development department is ready to move forward with outside consultations with development stakeholders. Consultation for this project will take three different forms:

  • An online survey being sent to all those who have received development services provided to them by the Community Development department within the last two years. This is expected to be released near the end of January 2019 with a two-week period to receive responses
  • Open House(s) will be arranged so that members of the development community have additional opportunity to comment on municipal development processes. Open houses to occur near the end of February 2019
  • One-on-one consultations with selected members of the development community and individuals who have engaged in municipal services will take place in the months of February 2019 to mid-March 2019
  • The feedback provided from outside consultations will factor in to the analysis of municipal services. Staff will summarize and prioritize project findings, propose recommendations and work towards implementing accepted recommendations.