In addition to this being a major business contract for MPV Wifi, it also means new options for rural Internet access across more areas of Chatham-Kent thanks to an arrangement which will allow them to use SWAG’s elevator infrastructure to install new access points.

“When we launched in 2017 we had dreams of helping people and businesses gain a quality Internet connection outside of the urban core areas,” said Phil Cameron, owner of MPV Wifi. “Working with the excellent team at SWAG is going to help us turn this dream into a reality for many more people across Chatham-Kent.”

Recently, SWAG moved their head office from Chatham to their rural head office in Eberts. This change meant that they were looking for an Internet provider who could give them the capacity and the quality to which they are accustom.

“Southwest Agromart understands the importance of Broadband Internet service as a key ingredient for the prosperity of rural Ontario communities. This project will allow residents in our communities, many of whom are our valued customers, to be better connected to businesses, family and to have better access to online services and tools,” said Dave Page, General Manager of Southwest Agromart. “By partnering with MPVI we are meeting our internal commitment of increasing the potential for economic growth and diversification while at the same time enhancing the quality of life in our local rural communities.”

“It is part of my vision to see Chatham-Kent become a fully connected community through technologies such as fibre, LTE, and of course Wi-fi,” said Chatham-Kent Mayor, Darrin Canniff. “We know that strong Internet access will help to provide the backbone for our ongoing digital evolution across the region and companies like MPV Wifi will help to lead that charge.”

As part of the announcement, MPV Wifi have indicated that towers are currently operational and both residential and business customers are already connecting to these new access points.

“People can see where we have towers located by checking out the service area map on our website. We’re ready to help more people in rural areas of Chatham-Kent connect to fast and reliable Internet,” said Cameron.

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new expanded rural Internet coverage for Chatham-Kent residents and businesses
Officials from MPV Wifi, SWAG, Economic Development, and Mayor Darrin Canniff were on hand to showcase the new expanded rural Internet coverage for Chatham-Kent residents and businesses.

In just 3 years, MPV Wifi has expanded to include more than 35 towers across Chatham-Kent.
In just 3 years, MPV Wifi has expanded to include more than 35 towers across Chatham-Kent. The most recent tower is in Erieau, which can now provide service to that region. Plans are underway to develop additional rural areas.

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