With their head office in Tilbury, Maizex Seeds has been in business for over 30 years and is a leader in developing, producing, and marketing hybrid corn seed and soybean seed across Canada.

Most recently, Maizex Seeds has further invested in Chatham-Kent with a new 5.5 acre expansion at their Blenheim location at 145 Marlborough Street North. Moving forward, they have additional plans to expand their warehouse capacity in Blenheim as well as modernize and automate their seed conditioning facility.

“We are constantly looking at ways to innovate, and across all parts of our business, as it means that we can provide our customers with greater value and high quality products,” said Dave Baute, President and CEO of Maizex Seeds. “Innovation also means that we can provide an even greater work experience for our staff because they can transition to more skilled areas of work where they find more value in their contributions.”

Maizex Seeds is a year-round operation that employs 48 full time staff, 6 part time staff, and 130 seasonal staff across Canada.

“When we were looking to showcase an agricultural business as the Feature Industry during this harvest season, Maizex Seeds was a name that came up time and time again. They have a great reputation for looking after their customers, their staff, and also for giving back to the community of Chatham-Kent.” Cecily Coppola, Chatham-Kent Chamber of Commerce Board Chair. “With their recent expansion into Blenheim, it was an opportune time to showcase their efforts.”

“I’m thrilled that the Chatham-Kent Chamber of Commerce has recognized the ongoing success of Maizex Seeds in a formal way as I know they will be a vital part of our agricultural sector for years to come,” said Jamie Rainbird, Manager with Chatham-Kent Economic Development. “

In 1985, Maizex Seeds was primarily involved in producing hybrid corn for export to the United States. Starting in 1989, Maizex Seeds shifted focus to research, including developing and testing hybrid seeds for the Canadian market. Over the years, they have expanded to become the largest independent seed corn company in Canada providing elite corn hybrids and agronomy support to farmers from coast to coast.

“We are proud to have our roots in the Chatham-Kent community and look forward to being a part of the future of this community and of Canada as whole,” said Baute.

For more information about Maizex Seeds, please visit their website at www.maizex.com.

The team at Maizex Seeds receiving recognition from Mayor Darrin Canniff and the Chatham-Kent Chamber of Commerce

The team at Maizex Seeds receiving recognition from Mayor Darrin Canniff and the Chatham-Kent Chamber of Commerce

Additional Details:

  • In July of 2018 Maizex Seeds entered into its next era of commitment to Canadian agriculture with the formation of a joint venture agreement with La Coop fédérée, a Quebec based farmer owned agrifood business.  Through this agreement Maizex will remain a stand-alone Canadian farmer owned seed business selling grain and silage seed corn hybrids under the Maizex brand and seed soybeans under the Elite seed brand.  The continued investment through this joint venture in research and production capabilities is solely aimed at meeting the seed needs of Canadian farmers from coast to coast into the future. 
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