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Economic Recovery Task Force

‚ÄčThe Chatham-Kent Economic Recovery Task Force's main goal is to develop key strategies and recommendations for supporting the local economy during the COVID-19 pandemic. They communicate and engage with businesses, owners and leaders across a variety of sectors. 

Visit the Economic Recovery Task Force Facebook group and the Economic Recovery Task Force website for up-to-date information on their progress.

The co-chairs are Michael Grail and Rocky Gaudrault and the nine sector sub-committees and chairs are: 

  • Manufacturing and Logistics: Mike Kilby and Larry Delaey 
  • Professional Services: Tracey Walker and Katherine Denkers 
  • Food Services & Tourism: Pete Tsirimbis 
  • Arts and Culture: Rachel Schwarz
  • Property, Real Estate, and Construction: Fred Naclerio and Robb Nelson 
  • Small Business and Entrepreneurs: Gail Hundt and Wade Vermeersch 
  • Not for Profit: Mike Genge and Patricia Peters 
  • Communications and IT: Andrew Thiel and Greg Hetherington 
  • Agriculture and Food Processing: Geetu Pathak and Greg Devries