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Waltron Trailers Featured in a Rocket-Powered Tweet

Ridgetown based Waltron Trailers was recognized earlier this summer on June 5th when Virgin Orbit Tweeted about how they moved a Very Important Rocket to a new location. The recognition came in the form of a series of photos and tweets that illustrated a trailer made by Waltron, was used to move the massive marvel of engineering.

Waltron Trailers has been working closely with Virgin Orbit to build a trailer that met their exact custom specifications. “There are a lot of companies manufacturing trailers in North America, but there is only one company that manufactures trailers for Virgin Orbit; and that company is Waltron,” said Geoff Wright, Economic Development Officer with Chatham-Kent Economic Development Services. “This is a prime example of how Chatham-Kent is home to world-class advanced manufacturers.”

Since forming in the 1970’s, Waltron has been designing and manufacturing specialty transportation systems for companies around the world. Not only do they have the highest levels of quality, but Waltron is known industry-wide for having a history of employing highly skilled and talented people, and that tradition continues to this day.

“Our business lives and breathes on the professionalism and expertise that our staff bring to their work. They know that it is our philosophy to go beyond industry standards and build products that exceed expectations,” said Gunther J. Haas, CEO of Waltron Trailers. “It’s always a boost for staff to have their efforts acknowledged and to see our trailers and engineering work appear in Virgin Orbit and other clients communications.”

The Waltron team has expanded to over 30 stringently trained and qualified professionals that include designers, engineers, welders, and support staff. Their trailers are used in agriculture, energy, marine, and infrastructure industries across the globe. For more information on Waltron, you can find them online at

Richard Branson Tweet

Virgin Orbit tweet from June 5, 2018


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