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Temporary Patios on Municipal Property Summer 2021

Council has given the Municipality of Chatham-Kent authority to run a temporary sidewalk patio program again for 2021 in the same manner as was done last year out of consideration for COVID-19 restrictions.

Several key points to consider if you want to use municipal property in front of your business for a temporary patio this summer:

  • If your restaurant fronts a sidewalk 1.5m of clear area must remain accessible for pedestrians to pass at all times. For example if there is 3m of concrete in front of your business from the door to the curb the patio will only be able to occupy 1.5m of this space.
  • If the sidewalk is not wide enough or you wish to use the entire area a plan must be created to allow pedestrian access. If the only way to do this is to force pedestrians on the road for instance into the street parking area barricades will have to be installed and a ramp built to allow wheel chair use to dismount and mount the curb, approved by the municipality.
  • Council is allowing this for 2021 only at this time. There are no permit fees associated to encroach on the area in front of your business for this summer however please note that all costs that will be incurred by the municipality such as the barricades or the ramps listed above have to be paid for by the restaurant.
  • The restaurant will have to provide proof of insurance with 2 million dollars in general liability which extends to the patio. The municipality has to be named as additional insured, if you call your insurance broker they can assist you with this.
  • Please contact the AGCO if you wish to serve alcohol in this temporary patio area.

Next Steps:

  • If you are interested fill out this form and email it to with a sketch of what you are proposing by April 1, 2021.
  • Public Works will contact you to review the plan.
  • Once a plan that is acceptable to the municipality is approved we will send you a simple agreement which will be signed by both parties.

If you have any questions please email