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One Family, 2000 Kilometers, and Endless Opportunity at TransForm in Chatham-Kent

When Amos Hanson looks back over his past five years at TransForm Shared Service Organization (TransForm), he recalls a time when he had to make some critical decisions about his career, his family, and the community that he would call home.

“Thinking about it, I had two great career options before me and it was a big decision. I spent time visiting both communities and getting to know more about the lifestyle, the amenities, and the people,” said Amos. “Ultimately we chose Chatham-Kent because everyone we met was really friendly.”

Amos recounts how he met with a real estate agent to get an idea of the homes available and the agent spent extra time driving him and his family around to see a variety of houses, pointing out many of the sights and highlights across the region as they went.

“There is something here for everyone. Living five minutes from your workplace, you can’t beat that,” said Amos. “I love the pace of the community, the fact that I can access great schools, local shopping, and am only an hour away from things like an international airport.”

When talking about his move to Chatham-Kent, Amos mentions that he loves the area for what it affords him – close proximity to his extended family in nearby Toronto, warmer weather, access to an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables, but most importantly, it’s a great place to raise his family while maintaining an overall high quality of life.

Since moving here, Amos and his family have been volunteering with hospice. Amos also plays a variety of sports such as soccer and is even singing in his church choir.

But it was not just the community that helped the Hanson’s call Chatham-Kent home, it was the passion of the people at TransForm that really helped to solidify the decision to move. When asked about the culture in his new workplace, Amos made it clear that they have lived up to and exceeded all of his expectations.

“From the initial interview I could tell that the people are here to make a difference,” said Amos. “When people ask me why I’m here I tell them it’s not because I have to work here, but because I want to.

TransForm is a non-profit organization making a difference in healthcare and improving the quality of life in Chatham-Kent.  This is something most people will tell you when talking about why they enjoy working for TransForm.

Amos added, “I work in the hospital helping both staff and patients and I feel really good going home at the end of each day. I am proud to be a face of the organization and to provide excellent customer service to the public.”

As a part of providing a positive culture, TransForm is dedicated to ensuring that staff are offered opportunities for career development, training, and advancement.

“I have a great team and I’m a part of a great community,” said Amos. “Chatham-Kent is a great place to live.”

For more information about career opportunities at TransForm, visit the Careers section of their website at

Amos Hanson standing by a banner signed by staff

Amos Hanson standing by a banner signed by staff representing their service excellence commitment to TransForm’s member hospitals and stakeholders.

Additional Details:

  • TransForm offers a broad range of services that are divided into three business divisions:
    • Supply Chain Services
    • Information Technology/Information Management Services
    • Project Management
  • TransForm’s team has been hard at work with local health service providers and organizations to help them adopt digital health solutions into their regular delivery of care and clinical practice. Doing so equips them with real-time patient health data so they can make better-informed health decisions and improve the patient experience.
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