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New Chatham-Kent Business is Cleaning up the Town

A new business is coming to Chatham-Kent that are bringing a unique solution to a rather smelly problem – cleaning your roadside garbage bin. Chatham-Kent Bin Cleaning specializes in the sanitation of residential and commercial waste containers, garbage, and recycling bins.

Started by husband and wife team, Kirk and Ryanne Bartley, Chatham-Kent Bin Cleaning has just launched their new mobile cleaning service that provides on-site cleaning that is eco-friendly with zero water waste and uses only biodegradable products.

“Having the waste and recycle bins cleaned by professionals can help ensure that friends, family members, and colleagues are protected from harmful contaminants that can find their way back inside a home or business,” said Ryanne Bartley, Owner of Chatham-Kent Bin Cleaning. “After a long winter and a wet spring, it’s important to properly eliminate bacteria and germs, odours, and dirt and grime from bins.”

Ryanne added, “Plus, when a bin is cleaned with the proper products, the life of the bin can be extended and can help to save money in replacement costs.”

By cleaning garbage cans, it stops them from acting as a haven for rodents, flies, maggots, and other pests. Chatham-Kent Bin Cleaning disinfects waste and recycling containers on location of the home or business using high pressure hot water that ensures the bins are sparkling and odourless every time.

“Our process is straight forward, we arrive on-site and wheel your bin to our truck, our machine then picks the bin up, flips it over and our hot water pressure washing cleans and disinfects your garbage bin,” said Kirk Bartley. “We then spray the outside of the bin, set it back down and apply Ultra Air Purifier and Odour Neutralizer inside. This eco-friendly product is 100% pure essential oils, no masking agents, and is highly effective against bacteria, fungi, viruses, mold, mildew and unwanted odours.”

“We also offer pressure washing services,” said Kirk. “We can pressure wash almost anything, from vehicles, to driveways and decks, and anything in between.”

“I have been working with Ryanne and Kirk over the last year to help them move from idea, to plan, and now to launch. This is very exciting to see their dream come true.” said Rosemarie Montgomery, Economic Development Officer with Chatham-Kent Economic Development. “They are a hard working couple and I have no doubt that they will have an outstanding business thanks to the fact that they always talk about placing the customers needs first.”

For more information about Chatham-Kent Bin Cleaning, including booking a cleaning schedule, visit their website at

Chatham-Kent Bin Cleaning is officially open for businesses

Ryanne Bartley, Chatham-Kent Bin Cleaning and Rosemarie Montgomery, Economic Development Officer with Chatham-Kent Economic Development announcing that Chatham-Kent Bin Cleaning is officially open for businesses.

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