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Libby Manufacturing is Proving Leadership in Chatham-Kent Innovation

Libby is expanding into new markets across North America to offer clients the best products made from their superior extruded plastics. A company never satisfied to just do business as usual, Libby Manufacturing based in Blenheim, Ontario, has combined their leading high quality Polyolefin Plastic Sheet and Roll Stock with innovative manufacturing processes to deliver customized products built to meet customer specifications. As a result, Libby is expanding into new markets across North America to offer clients the best products made from their superior extruded plastics.

“We’ve been working hard to become more than just a supplier of the raw product and have made significant investments into the latest CNC tooling and other manufacturing equipment so that we can meet our customer’s demands,” said Paul Fenton, Sales Manager for Libby Eastern Division.

Established in 1981 as a farm machinery manufacturer and repair company, the family-owned business has evolved and reshaped itself to match the changing market needs. “Our business is scaling up and I’m proud to say it’s because we’ve been aggressive in our approach to continuous improvement,” said Fenton. “We have a history of building long-term customer relationships and working with clients to ensure they get the quality and service they expect. Ultimately we want to be their supplier of choice because they can count on the consistency of our product and our customer service.”

“It speaks the world to other businesses when a company as progressive as Libby is calling Chatham-Kent home,” said Geoff Wright, Economic Development Officer with Chatham-Kent Economic Development. “We always talk about how Chatham-Kent is the perfect place to Live, Work, and Play, and Libby’s continued success add to that by proving we’re also the perfect place to Invest, Expand, and Grow.”

Libby Manufacturing has also taken a proactive approach to minimizing their impact on the environment through the use of specialized technology. For example, thanks to their recycling procedures they are able to reuse nearly all of the unused material created during the manufacturing process.

“We think about our company and our products in terms of being generational. It is important to us that we approach production from a standpoint of being sustainable and ensuring that our products have a long lifecycle,” said Fenton. “Our LibbyEco line is using a blend of recycled material and is drastically reducing the amount of waste generated in our landfills.”

In addition to the new products, Libby Manufacturing has also expanded to create a new company called Polyboard Design which features an entire line of durable, weatherproof, and maintenance free outdoor leisure furniture. “It’s a new product, made locally, and it’s a passion of mine,” said Fenton. “I was getting tired of having to maintain outdoor furniture and decided to build something that lasts for years.”
Polyboard Design is also offering customers made-to-order signs and silhouettes, hockey shooting pads, and a variety of parts and components out of the Libby high density polyethylene (HDPE) sheets in a variety of colours and thickness.

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