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Leave Your Mark Lacrosse

Once employed in the plastics industry, Jamie Knight left that behind to study Sports & Recreation Management at Lambton College. His new business is Leave Your Mark Lacrosse, a lacrosse coaching and clinic service launched with the assistance of the Starter Company Plus program and the Small Business Centre. “I don’t think there are many business models like the one that I had and we met quite a few times to go over it,” says Knight. “It opened my eyes a little more, getting me a little more organized for what was lying ahead.”

“We do camps for kids who have never played and we do lessons for kids who are looking to improve their game,” he says. When doing coaching clinics in schools, Knight provides plastic lacrosse sticks and sponge balls. “It’s all non-contact. It’s about stick handling. We teach them how to scoop, how to cradle, how to throw, catch, and shoot… basically a crash course.” On request, Knight also speaks to students about the history of lacrosse and principles of mutual respect and inclusion in sports.

Now that he’s ahead of the game, Knight credits the Chatham-Kent Small Business Centre and his personal consultant for much of his success: “Honestly, I probably still wouldn’t have my business up and running if it wasn’t for that guy. They were a huge help.”

Leave Your Mark Lacrosse – telephone 519.401.5945, e-mail, or visit or Leave Your Mark Lacrosse on Instagram and Twitter

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