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It is Thank a Farmer Day in Chatham-Kent

Hey Chatham-Kent, did you know that February 11, 2020 is Agriculture day in Canada! It’s a day when everyone can come together to celebrate the business of Canadian agriculture, and more specifically for us, Chatham-Kent Agriculture.  This day supports raising awareness about the importance of Canada’s Agri-Food industry, and what it can do for Canada and all Canadians.

When reading through some of the great information on the OFA, Ontario Federation of Agriculture website, I was quite excited to learn that Canada had recently began celebrating and promoting Agriculture Day.  Here is what else I learned:

  • Canada’s Agriculture Day started in 2016 and was launched as a day of celebration for farmers.
  • Canada’s Agriculture Day is an initiative hosted by Agriculture More Than Ever. The Ag More Than Ever Group is an industry-driven cause made up of hundreds of partners and thousands of agvocates from across the country, all committed to improving perceptions, dispelling myths and creating positive dialogue about Canadian agriculture.
  • Canada’s agriculture and agri-food industry is a key driver of economic growth. The sector alone contributed over $143 billion to Canada’s GDP in 2018 and employed 2.3 million people.
  • Agriculture and agri-food sectors accounts for one in eight jobs in Canada.
  • The Government’s priorities in agriculture include reaching $75 billion in exports by 2025. 
  • Food Processing is the largest Manufacturing sector in Canada and Canada is a global leader in food exports.

As for Chatham-Kent’s Agriculture sector, well, we already know that CK is the number one producer of many agricultural products in Ontario and Canada, and while I won’t list all of those individual products here, I will say that I am very thankful to be living in a community where agriculture is so accessible and bountiful. 

Now, if you are looking to celebrate Canada’s Agriculture Day, I’d suggest joining the festivities across Canada on February 12 and help raise awareness of Canada's dynamic agriculture and agri-food sector.  You can also add your voice to the mass of agricultural enthusiasts from around the country who will be celebrating our innovative, prosperous and growing agriculture sector.

So, the only question I have is, how will you celebrate Canada’s Agriculture Day?

Until next time,

Remember that here in Chatham-Kent “We Grow for the World.”  Check out our community agriculture website at

Anthony Wilson is an Economic Development Officer with the Municipality of Chatham-Kent, and can be reached at

Kent Federation of Agriculture, Outreach For Hunger, and the Salvation Army

Celebrating #CdnAgDay with the Kent Federation of Agriculture, Outreach For Hunger, and the Salvation Army. Thank you to the long list of businesses, farmers, and families who donated to support people in Chatham-Kent. Agriculture creates over 16,000 jobs in #ckont and @WeGrow4theWorld.