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Chatham-Kent Business is Helping Organizations Around the World Screen For COVID

A Chatham-Kent company has recently launched a major update to their software platform that helps companies ensure staff are being properly screened and tracked for symptoms related to COVID.

Intellitix, a business best known for their leading-edge technology that helps event and festival organizers around the world, has launched CrowdBlink Protect. This new cloud-based software is helping organizations of all sizes implement an easy-to-use and affordable daily screening tool.

“It’s been a whirlwind year that started with Intellitix in acquisition and expansion mode, then in what was effectively a single day in March, saw our entire team have to completely adapt to a new reality due to COVID,” said Peter Fantuz, Chief Operating Officer, Intellitix. “We decided the best decision was to pivot our main product offering because large live events are not likely to be coming back in the near future.”

Thanks to the pivot, businesses are now able to access the CrowdBlink Protect software by Intellitix to conduct daily assessments of their employees for symptoms of COVID-19, allowing them to safely continue operating.

“When we started planning the tool in March, we envisioned that it would allow a broad provincial rollout so that one assessment at one business would be valid at other businesses and locations without having to answer the same questions again and again. What’s actually happened is that businesses have independently chosen CrowdBlink as a way to streamline their own compliance by screening their employees and visitors to their locations,” said Milan Malivuk, CSO and VP Sales and Marketing. “We have customers around the world including Canada, the United States, and Europe using our platform. We listened to them and to what governments were demanding and have implemented their feedback into our latest software.”

Uptake of CrowdBlink Protect has spanned industries including construction, manufacturing, and greenhouses. In addition, there has been wide adoption by retirement and senior care facilities, daycares, and office buildings.

"CrowdBlink Protect was a breeze to set up and it's allowed us to screen all of our employees for COVID-19 daily without slowing things down. With Protect in place, our employees, and local government officials, could see the steps we were putting in place to keep the workplace safe in order to keep operating. We also have a digital record for auditing purposes if needed," said Mike Kilby, President, Dajcor Aluminum.

One of the main reasons businesses are implementing this is because it is easy to use and low cost.  With no paperwork to manage and no special hardware needed, organizations can quickly launch the solution.

“Employees are able to self-assess in under 15 seconds using their smart phone before they even arrive, which streamlines the screening process operationally for both employees and the business itself. Businesses such as daycares can have a screening station at the door and quickly record both visitors and staff,” said Malivuk. “As well, many of these industries are being mandated to not just have screening, but they are also being advised to keep accurate records. Our software is able to automatically provide both real-time and historical reporting with no overhead.”

Jamie Rainbird, Manager of Chatham-Kent Economic Development said, “it really shows the innovation and resourcefulness of Chatham-Kent businesses when an organization such as Intellitix is able to quickly identify a market gap, shift their focus on the fly, and meet customer demands. It just proves that when the going gets tough, our businesses step up and take charge.”

For more information about CrowdBlink Protect, visit their website at




CrowdBlink Protect has been used by essential businesses

CrowdBlink Protect has been used by essential businesses during the shutdown to conduct daily assessments of their employees for symptoms of COVID-19, allowing them to safely continue operating.

Additional Details:

  • CrowdBlink Protect can be found here:  
  • Intellitix is located at 880 Richmond St, Chatham, ON N7M 5J5
  • About Intellitix: The world’s leading festivals trust Intellitix’s RFID to put them in the black so they can keep putting on the world’s best shows. Access Control gets people in faster so they have more time to spend, Cashless Payments increases spending, and Experiential creates more valuable sponsorships, all while delivering a world class guest experience.

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