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Chatham-Kent’s Design Sound Productions Expands Thanks to Small Business Centre Grant

Since 2014, Design Sound Productions has been producing and publishing full cast audio stories and dramatizations complete with elaborate sound effects and music. They don’t just create traditional audio books, but rather they strive to bring stories alive so the listener has an immersive experience. With this goal in mind, and the hope to meet the exploding demand for their children’s audio titles, they worked with the Chatham-Kent Small Business Centre to develop a full business plan and strategy to grow their business.

As a result of their hard work, including attending the Small Business Centre Starter Company Plus program, today they have received the final cheque as part of their $3500 grant.

“This past year has been an absolute whirlwind of activity for us. I owe a resounding thank you to the Small Business Centre for helping me take this next leap with my business. They brought equal parts of encouragement and insight which really helped me to be a part of the evolving audio revolution,” said David Farquhar, President and Owner of Design Sound Productions Inc. “We just launched our production of Alice in Wonderland to an international audience that includes PBS from the United States. It is a part of their big campaign called The Great American Read.”

“What makes Design Sound Productions such an exciting company to help is that, from their home office in Chatham-Kent, they are working with major retailers and distributors worldwide,” said Rosemarie Montgomery, Business Consultant with the Chatham-Kent Small Business Centre. “They are in major consumer online sites such as Audible, Amazon, iTunes, Chapters/Indigo, Barnes & Noble, Target, and also Overdrive for the library market.”

Not only is the market reach global and the audio books are featured in foremost libraries such as Toronto, New York, and Los Angeles, but Farquhar says he has access to a huge network of talent. “It’s true that our fully equipped production studio is located in Chatham, Ontario, but we have access to professional voice actors, directors and writers in Toronto, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, England, and right here at home in Chatham-Kent.”

While it is no surprise that CD sales of audio books are on the decline, what has helped renew the audio book industry is the double digit growth in yearly digital sales. Based on industry trends, consumers are seeking a more nuanced listening experience when it comes to audiobook choices. Full cast audio stories, once considered a niche market, are now becoming popular especially among the younger demographics.

“Having Alice in Wonderland hit the digital shelves was a wonderful experience, and I’m also excited about our next title launch in our children’s classic fiction series, Cinderella,” said Farquhar. “It’s less than a month away and will be available for digital download as well.”

For more information about Design Sound Productions Inc., visit the website at    


 Design Sound Productions with his Starter Company business grant

Rosemarie Montgomery, Chatham-Kent Small Business Centre, presents David Farquhar, President and Owner of Design Sound Productions with his Starter Company business grant. 

Additional Details

  • To date the following Audiobook Titles have been or will be released to the Consumer Market and Library Market by our distribution partner Blackstone Audio:

Children’s and Family Friendly Titles

  • A Christmas Carol (Holiday Classic) by Charles Dickens
  • Alice in Wonderland (Children’s Classic Fiction) by Lewis Carroll
  • Snow White (Children’s Classic Fiction) by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm
  • The Bell (Children’s Classic Fiction) by Hans Christian Andersen
  • The Spirit of Christmas Day (Family Christmas) by George Zarr
  • Hurry! Hurry! It’s Almost Christmas (Family Christmas) by George Zarr
  • Running To Detroit (Comedy/Drama) by Dave Carley
  • The Children’s Classic Collection which includes A Christmas Carol, Alice in Wonderland, The Bell and Snow White
  • A Special Holiday Collection which includes The Spirit of Christmas Day, A Christmas Carol and Alice in Wonderland

Horror and Suspense

  • Every Now and Then (Suspense) by George Zarr
  • School Spirit (Horror) by George Zarr
  • The Wireless Theatre Collection of Horror and Suspense by the Wireless Theatre Company
  • Bewitched (Horror and Suspense) by Edith Wharton
  • The Body Snatcher (Horror and Suspense) by Robert Louis Stevenson
  • Dark of the Moon Inn (An Anthology of Horror and Suspense) by George Zarr

Dark Comedy

  • Good Things Come (Dark Comedy) by Dave Carley

Sci-fi Mystery

  • The Geminus Conspiracy – A Cliff Weller Mystery by Diane Vanden Hoven

Additional Information

  • Learn more about the Chatham-Kent Small Business Centre and Economic Development on our website:

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