Smart supply chain management, it makes sense (and cents!) to invest in a location that’s accessible, affordable, and poised for rapid growth: you can expect all that, and more, from Chatham-Kent.

The Right Routes to Market

Uniquely positioned at the centre of international air, land, rail, and shipping ports, Chatham-Kent provides investors with the right routes to market, both domestically and abroad.

How, you ask? Thanks to five fantastic points of connectivity:

  1. Our community offers accessibility to three major and four minor U.S. border crossings.
  2. The region is bisected (east to west) by the NAFTA Super Highway (better known as the 401). What’s more, in 2014, Chatham-Kent made a $56 million commitment to infrastructure enhancements, including updates to roads and bridges on heavy load shipping routes.
  3. Seasonal port service can be found at a number of locations along our shores and in neighbouring communities.
  4. There are two Class 1 railways in our backyard.
  5. Multiple airports serving local and international destinations can be found within a three-hour radius.
7 US border entry points

Proximity to Major Markets

Did you know? Chatham-Kent is located in the heart of one of North America’s most prosperous industrial and technological markets. Base your business here and you’ll be bringing your product to a market of millions of consumers almost immediately.

Chatham-Kent is centrally located:

  • Two and a half hours from Toronto
  • One hour from seven U.S. entry points
  • Within 400 km of 25 million people
  • Water accessible – bordered by Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair 

Click here for more information about Chatham-Kent's access to markets.

Super Highway – HWY 401

Chatham-Kent is bisected by HWY 401, which provides a seamless link between many major commercial centres in Canada, the United States and Mexico. In fact, nearly 70% of trade between Canada and the U.S. is by truck using HWY 401. A second route to the U.S. is via Sarnia/Port Huron, using HWY 402, which can be reached in just 30 minutes from Chatham-Kent. Border crossings in the Chatham-Kent community have been streamlined using high-tech monitoring devices that allow inspected vehicles to pass through more quickly.

In addition to the HWY 401, Chatham-Kent also has access to robust commuter services. Click here to learn more about commuter service access.

Major Railways

The trunk lines of two Class 1 railways – CNR and CP Rail – connect Chatham-Kent to international rail lines and are efficient links in your supply chain.

  1. Canadian National Railway (CN) – The CN is the only railroad that crosses the continent east-west and north-south. It serves ports on the Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf coasts, linking customers to all NAFTA nations.
  2. Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) – The CP’s high-density mainline network serves major Canadian ports and cities from Montreal to Vancouver, and key centres in the Midwest and Northeast U.S. The line crosses eight Canada/U.S. borders. Furthermore, thanks to an alliance with North American Class 1 Railways, CPR has access to the Pacific Northwest, southern U.S. and Mexico.


CSX provides rail freight transportation over a network of more than 21,000 route miles in Ontario and Quebec, and through 23 U.S. states. In addition, CSX provides connections to 70 ocean, river and lake ports, and connects to 230 short line and regional railroads.


Passenger and cargo service is available through regional airports in and around Southwestern Ontario; specifically, Detroit Metropolitan Airport, in Detroit, Michigan; and Pearson International Airport, in Toronto, Ontario.

The Chatham-Kent Municipal Airport (CKCK) has a 5,502 foot lighted, paved runway that provides service to large corporate, regional and commercial aircraft. The airport recently received a significant financial investment in GPS technology. It is designated as an Airport of Entry for CANPASS permit holders only. Click here for more information about airport access.


Seasonal port service is available through the Great Lakes/St. Lawrence Seaway System, on the Detroit River opposite Detroit, Michigan. It is one of the world’s most efficient deep draft waterways and the third largest Canadian Great Lakes port for shipments. Click here for more information about port access.


The Perfect Place to Put Down Roots

Why RM Sotheby’s & Andersons Limited Call Chatham-Kent Home:

RM Sotheby’s—the world’s largest collector car auction house—has called Chatham-Kent home for more than four decades. The reason being is simple: location. Their vertically integrated range of services (from restorations to private treaty sales, auctions, estate planning) and expert team of car specialist need to be easily accessible. From Monaco to Monterey, London to Los Angeles, RM Soethby’s caters to an international clientele and market. Basing their operations in Chatham-Kent makes it easy for the company to maintain an international footprint and provide an unsurpassed level of service to the global collector car market.

The Andersons Canada Limited (formerly Thompsons Limited) has carried on the principal business of processing and packaging food-grade edible beans to domestic and export markets for more than 87 years. But when they aren’t planting and packaging their harvest, Andersons employees are hard at work receiving, processing and shipping cash crops from a variety of Ontario, Manitoba, North Dakota, Minnesota and Michigan producers. The company is also busy exporting yields to Europe, Southeast Asia, England, Switzerland, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Like many other growing organizations, having access to international shipping roots is critical for the growth and success of their organization. But don’t take our word for it; the folks at Andersons often say they’re “spoiled and tend to take transportation for granted,” thanks to the logistical advantages of basing their operations in Chatham-Kent.