Chatham-Kent is a leader in alternative energyIt started with a vision. In 2005, Chatham-Kent set a strategic direction to fully embrace alternative energy with an objective to attract $3B in green energy investment. Our community is Green literally and figuratively and we are determined to be stewards of our environment. Fast forward to today and we are Ontario’s leading Wind Energy producer, our community college (St. Clair College) has developed academic programming and solely focused on supporting this important sector, and University of Guelph,  Ridgetown Campus has a farm focused Centre for Agriculture Renewable Energy & Sustainability.

Wind Energy

With our naturally streamlined, rolling landscape, Chatham-Kent offers the consistent flow of wind that can be captured by turbines to transform kinetic energy into electrical energy.


Solar Energy

Open fields and the large expanse of industrial, agricultural and commercial rooftops are being utilized by solar panels to collect energy via silicon photovoltaic (PV) cells. Chatham-Kent enjoys an excellent amount of sunlight in all four seasons and offers a moderate temperature range, which allows solar technology to work efficiently.

GreenField Global

Innovation and hard work lie at the core of GreenField’s philosophy; this results in products of the highest quality, consistently pleasing customers, and creating value for investors. The Company is managed by bold, visionary leaders who are ready to venture into new business opportunities as they arise. As increasing oil prices impact the economy, GreenField is broadening Canadians’ fuel choices by developing next generation biofuels made from agricultural, forestry and municipal waste. Below are three areas in which GreenField is venturing into Canada’s bio-economy.

Cellulosic Ethanol Division: A team of researchers, engineers and business developers are advancing biochemical methods of affordably producing cellulosic ethanol on a commercial scale. This includes diverting solid waste from landfills to become fuel through next –generation cellulosic ethanol production.

Centre of Excellence: GreenField’s research and innovation centre is leading technological advancements in corn ethanol, cellulosic ethanol and “Gen 2” sugars production

Advanced biofuels and other bio-based chemicals: They have the Pretreatment Technology Solution to produce commercially sustainable “Gen 2” sugars for advanced biofuels and bio-chemicals

Chatham-Kent is home to over 450 wind turbines

Excellent Supply Chain Opportunities

With 25% of Ontario's Wind Energy production located in Chatham-Kent, there are excellent opportunities for companies to supply this market.

Chatham-Kent is an excellence location to capitalize on opportunities to serve the alternative energy market. Local manufacturers design and produce devices that are used everyday by the alternative energy sector.

Companies locate here because they believe in the future:

National and international companies invest in Chatham-Kent