Chatham-Kent is a leader in manufacturingChatham-Kent’s industries are recognized around the world as innovators and problem-solvers that improve products and processes to be leaner and smarter. Integration is the key with custom metal fabrication, advanced robotics and PLC experts and other specialists creating solutions utilizing exotic materials with intricate precision and exceptional quality. Cutting edge materials and emerging capabilities are expanding the limits of local productivity.

Some thriving manufacturers that succeed in Chatham-Kent include:

Precision Machining Cluster

Highly demanding manufacturers in the automotive, oil and gas, and chemical sectors depend on Chatham-Kent for performance-critical component parts. From precision moulds, tools and dies, jigs and fixtures to piece parts and gauges, local manufacturers deliver components that are tested daily by highly demanding manufacturers with stringent quality and exotic material requirements.

Chatham-Kent offers financial incentives for businessChatham-Kent’s Advanced Manufacturers serve a range of industries:

  • Automotive
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Oil, Gas & Chemical
  • Control Systems
  • Heavy Industry
  • Line Automation
  • Transportation