The mandate for the Chatham-Kent Economic Recovery Task Force is to understand and report on the recovery of the local economy, to develop key strategies and recommendations for change, and to communicate and engage with businesses, owners, and leaders across a variety of sectors of the Chatham-Kent economy. 

The report from the task force has been presented to Chatham-Kent Council on May 25, 2020. 

  1. Council receive the report from the Task Force and staff for information.
  2. Council endorse and support the creation of an independent CK Business Advisory Group as requested by the Economic Recovery Task Force.
  3. All committees and boards of Council discuss ways to work in collaboration with the new Business Advisory Group.
  4. Staff organize, plan and schedule a strategic planning session with Council and the Task Force/Business Advisory Group. This session will take place before the end of June of this year. The results will be reported back to Council.
  5. Administration will provide a report on the options listed in recommendations #3, #4 and #5 of the Task Force Report.
  6. Staff report back to council with recommendations and options for program criteria and funding sources, including options for potential 2020 service reductions, for up to $2-million dollars, as requested for immediate relief strategies outlined by the Task Force. The new Business Advisory Group will be consulted in the making of this report.

Interested in joining the task force? Email: CKERTF@gmail.com.

Economic Recovery Task Force

The Chatham-Kent Economic Recovery Task Force Co-chairs: Michael Grail and Rocky Gaudrault

The nine sector sub-committees and Chairs are: 

  • Manufacturing and Logistics: Mike Kilby, Larry Delaey 
  • Professional Services: Tracey Walker and Katherine Denkers 
  • Food Services & Tourism: Pete Tsirimbis 
  • Arts and Culture: Rachel Schwarz
  • Property, Real Estate, and Construction: Fred Naclerio and Robb Nelson 
  • Small Business and Entrepreneurs: Gail Hundt and Wade Vermeersch 
  • Not for Profit: Mike Genge and Patricia Peters 
  • Communications and IT: Andrew Thiel and Greg Hetherington 
  • Agriculture and Food Processing: Geetu Pathak and Greg Devries

CK Economic Recovery Task Force Discussion

On April 17, 2020, the first task force meeting discussion was held. The meeting included a presentation on the current state of Chatham-Kent, actions taken by the municipality up to this point, and an outline of the task force. In addition, with over 200 people in attendance, there was an opportunity for interactive sharing of thoughts and ideas that helped share a look forward to next steps. 

Thank you to everyone that provided feedback on the questions asked – you can now review reports on the insights shared:

Question 1 – What has been the impact of COVID-19 on your business and you? 

Question 2 – What would you like to see happen next to support businesses mitigate the impact of Covid-19? Consider both the role of the Municipality and the Community.

Mayor's CK Economic Recovery Task Force 

Stay tuned for more details