Whether you are a Fortune 500 or founded in a basement office, the team at Chatham-Kent Economic Development and the Small Business Centre are here to help you start, grow, support, and invest in your business.

Economic Development is a municipal department focused on assisting the business community throughout Chatham-Kent – big and small – to strengthen our local economy. Economic Development helps new and growing businesses find solutions that create investments and quality local jobs so people can live, work, play, and grow in Chatham-Kent.

The team at Chatham-Kent Economic Development

Small Business Centre Services

The Small Business Centre helps people plan, start, and grow businesses in Chatham-Kent. We are essential to inspiring the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Small Business Services is responsible for leading the way in the generation of new jobs. In Canada, some estimates indicate as high as 98% of new job creation emanates from small business establishments. A successful economic development effort focuses on nurturing and supporting job growth in small businesses. A key element to the strategy includes economic diversification through the attraction of new entrepreneurs and small business development in the community.

Investment Services

Investment Services attracts new businesses, investments, and development to Chatham-Kent.

Investment Attraction Services educates our audiences on how the resources offered in Chatham-Kent align with their business needs while also providing tools and partnerships that maximize our ability to draw external investment opportunities. We are achieving this by having frequent conversations with existing regional branches and through ongoing discussions with government officials, domestic and foreign investors, and global entrepreneurs.

Business Retention and Expansion Services

Business Retention and Expansion Services supports existing Chatham-Kent advanced manufacturing and agri-business with their short-term, long-term, and urgent or emergency business needs in order to help them grow.

Business Retention and Expansion Services is focused on making it easier for businesses to stay and grow in Chatham-Kent. This is a cornerstone of an effective economic development strategy, as we know that upwards of 80% of our growth over the next few years will be from the companies that are already established in the community. Achieving results in assisting an existing employer to access new markets and to expand, is more effective and requires fewer resources than attracting new investment to the community. Economic Development will be instrumental in assisting companies to secure resources such as funding for new capital equipment, technological innovations, building improvements, and energy conservation.

Communications and Community Engagement

Working with the Chatham-Kent community to tell their story of Economic Development; its people, its resources, and its diversity.

We are working directly with entrepreneurs, businesses, and residents to enhance two-way communications and ultimately inspire a culture of prosperity. Through a proactive strategy that includes new and traditional tools, the Economic Development team is bringing a strong voice to Chatham-Kent’s success stories in order to educate stakeholders locally and around the world. Using the IAP2 structure, we will also engage the community to work with us to help drive growth and change.