Customer shopping and wearing a face covering

Wearing a mask is only one aspect in reducing an individual’s chances of contracting COVID-19. As directed by Chatham-Kent Public Health, individuals must:

  • Maintain physical distancing of two metres at all times
  • Wash your hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer with 70% alcohol frequently
  • Stay home (not going into the community or to work) if you’re not feeling well, and get tested for COVID-19.
Find more information from Chatham-Kent Public Health on their website.



  • For questions regarding this by-law, please contact the Municipality’s by-law department: 519-360-1998
  • For questions regarding public health measures, please contact CK Public Health: 519-0355-1071 ext 1900

What is a mask?

“Mask” means a cloth (non-medical) mask, medical mask or other face covering such as a bandana or scarf, that securely covers the nose, mouth and chin, and is in contact with the surrounding face without gapping, and filters respiratory droplets.

What enclosed public spaces require masks?

  • Restaurants, cafés, cafeterias, banquet halls
  • Retail establishments and shopping malls
  • Churches, mosques, synagogues, temples, or other places of worship
  • Libraries, museums, art galleries, recreational facilities, bingo halls, cinemas, theatres, concert venues, special event venues, convention centres, or other similar entertainment, cultural, or leisure facilities
  • Sports facilities, sports clubs, gyms, yoga studios, dance studios, and stadiums
  • Hotels, motels, or short-term rental premises
  • Premises under the control of a regulated health professional
  • Temporary facilities, such as construction trailers and temporary sales offices
  • Municipal facilities and any community centre, cultural, arts or leisure centre, recreational or sporting facility, parks building, client service centre or indoor parking facility
  • Other businesses, organizations and places that are permitted to operate in accordance with the Emergency Orders passed by the Province of Ontario

What enclosed public spaces are exempt from the by-law?

  • Schools
  • Childcare centres and providers governed by the Child Care and Early Years Act
  • Any isolation/homelessness shelter operated by, or on behalf of, the Municipality
  • Portions of buildings that are being used for the purpose of providing day camps
  • Offices of professional service providers such as lawyers and accountants where clients receive services in areas not open to the general public

People who are exempt from wearing a mask

The by-law stipulates that no person shall be required to provide proof of any of the outlined exemptions. It is also at the discretion of the business to provide service. The following are exemptions from the by-law

  • A child who is younger than nine  (9) years of age chronologically or developmentally, but children between four (4) and nine (9) years of age are still encouraged to wear a Mask while in an Enclosed Public Space;
  • A person with a medical condition, including breathing or cognitive difficulties, or a disability, that prevents them from safely wearing a Mask,
  • A person who is unable to put on or remove their Mask without the assistance of another person; and,
  • A person who needs to temporarily remove their Mask while in the Enclosed Public Space for the purposes of:
    • receiving services that require the removal of their Mask;
    • actively engaging in an athletic or fitness activity including water-based activities, including lifeguards working at indoor pools;
    • consuming food or drink; or
    • an emergency or medical purpose.

Remember: be kind

This is a time of change and wearing a mask is new for many people. There will be situations where people are unable to wear a mask, or maybe have differing opinions on rules and policy. No matter where you stand on the topic, we ask that you take a moment to pause, put judgement aside, and focus on being kind. At the heart of the issue of face coverings is the hope that it's one more thing we can do to keep each other healthy and safe.