Helping Business Improve Their Digital Footprint

The Chatham-Kent Small Business Centre and Economic Development have brought back the successful Digital Service Squad team and the Digital Main Street program. The team is assisting local downtown areas and businesses across Chatham-Kent with improving their digital footprint and helping to take advantage of new online tools.

From now until the end of November, you can apply for a Digital Transformation grant of $2500, this includes businesses that received the grant during the first round as they may also qualify again. While the team is available to support businesses across our entire region, the Digital Transformation grant is only available for businesses located within BIA borders and limited identified regions. We invite business owners to reach out to the Small Business Centre to see if they qualify.

For all businesses, there are two to three hours of free online training that will help businesses with everything from marketing, to social media, to building and enhancing their web presence. As well, the Digital Service Squad can provide you with an analysis of your digital tools, website, and much more – all at NO COST.

Contact the Digital Service Squad team today!

Digital Service Squad

 The Digital Service Squad team: Irene Spisar, Audrey van der Zon, and Dave Birnie


Digital Main Street (DMS) is a program focused on assisting main street small businesses with improving their digital footprint. Through a partnership with FedDev Ontario and the Province of Ontario, grant opportunities are available to enable this digital transformation process. The Digital Transformation Grant program provides funding for training, advisory support, and contributions to main street small businesses looking increase their capacity through digital transformation.

Complete programs details and criteria are available on the Digital Main Street website.

How to apply

You can apply online through the Digital Main Street website here. You can also speak with one of our Small Business Centre experts who can discuss your idea, offer advice for applying, and be a free resource from start to finish and beyond.

Do I still qualify if I have previously received the grant?

Yes. If you are a Chatham-Kent business located in a main street area that has already received the grant through their previous funding opportunity, you may still qualify for this new funding stream so long as you are presenting a new project.

What areas qualify?

The training and support offered through the program are free and available to everyone in Chatham-Kent. The grant portion of the program is currently limited to core main street areas (purple area on maps) with final approval determined by Digital Main Street and OBIAA. Click the following maps to expand: