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Investment Services

Investment services is focused on delivering a number of initiatives that are designed to stimulate new investment, support business retention, and foster the expansion of existing businesses across Chatham-Kent.

To simplify the investment process, Economic Development Officers serve as “Project Managers” providing a single “point of contact” within the Municipality for the duration of the file. This unique approach is available to both new investors and existing companies in the community.

In addition, investment services looks to find businesses that are looking to develop advanced manufacturing, oil and gas supply chain, and other supply chain services in Chatham-Kent. In addition, Chatham-Kent has assets vital to supporting value-added food processing operations, the greenhouse sector, and other similar agribusiness. Economic Development supports both domestic and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) initiatives and we will continue be a leader when it comes to identifying opportunities for expansion into the export markets.

Chatham-Kent has key assets including: 

  • Affordable land ready for development
  • Abundant natural gas
  • Stable supply of affordable quality fresh water
  • Access to high speed and fibre Internet
  • A trading hub
  • Serviced industrial land
  • A competitive and experienced workforce
  • Ready access to the US market
  • An established advanced-manufacturing supply-chain
  • Key logistics options
  • Competitive corporate tax rates

Business Retention and Expansion Services

Business retention and expansion is the cornerstone of an effective economic development strategy. Achieving results in assisting an existing employer to access new markets and to expand is an effective and predictable method for attracting new investment to the community. Economic Development is instrumental in assisting companies to secure funding for new capital equipment, technology, building improvements, and energy conservation. Additionally, Economic Development also promotes federal and provincial sponsored trade missions to ensure Chatham-Kent companies have an opportunity to expand into international markets.

Small Business Centre Services

The Chatham-Kent Small Business is the foundation of the local economy. While the introduction of a new small business in the community does not always generate headlines, it does generate new jobs. In Canada, some estimates indicate as high as 80% of new job creation emanates from small business establishments. A successful economic development effort has to focus upon nurturing and supporting job growth in small businesses. A key element to the strategy includes economic diversification through the attraction of new entrepreneurs and small business development in the community.