The Community Development Advisory Committee’s (CDAC) purpose is assist Council and staff with strategic direction related to the areas of responsibility within the Community Development Department. The Department is comprised of the following areas:

  • Economic Development Services, Director Stuart McFadden
  • Planning Services, Director Bruce McAllister
  • Building Development Services, Director and Chief Building Official Paul Lacina

"CKPlan2035" contains strategic goals approved by Council. Each year the Community Development Department undertakes a review of its own work to ensure that its own direction and goals are in alignment with CKPlan2035. This Committee will provide input into this strategic direction and goals.

Composition of the Committee

  • Seven members (three elected Councillors and four members of the general public appointed by Council).
  • Staff will support the seven members of the Committee
    Committee Appointments
    Council Members appointed
    Councillor Aaron Hall (CDAC Chair)
    Councillor Michael Bondy
    Councillor Melissa Harrigan
    Citizen Appointments
    Dan Chauvin
    Don Fuoco
    Morena McDonald
    Gordon Thomas

Role of the Committee Members

The Committee will make recommendations to Council and staff on strategic matters affecting the department and its primary areas of responsibility. These will include:

  1. Economic Prosperity. Development of our community requires attracting and growing businesses. Businesses require supporting infrastructure, land, buildings, and labour. A balancing of competing priorities is required by government to encourage economic development in a way that is financially responsible, complies with provincial and federal legislation, and shows good stewardship of both people and natural resources.
  2. Fire and Emergency Services. A compassionate and safe community requires fire and paramedic services. It also requires planning and resource coordination for larger scale emergencies. Providing these services within the framework of provincial regulation and limited fiscal resources requires a balancing of competing interests. The Committee will want to support and listen to first responders in addition to community members, experts and leaders.