You may be eligible to apply for financial assistance if:Subsidy Calculator.JPG

  • You are living in Chatham-Kent.
  • You have confirmed that a space is available for your child(ren) at a licensed child care centre, home-care provider with a licensed child care agency or registered High Five Recreation Program that has a Purchase of Service Agreement with the Municipality of Chatham-Kent.
  • You are the child’s parent, kinship care, or legal guardian and the child is living with you.
  • You have filed a Federal Tax Return and have a Notice of Assessment from the most recent tax year.
  • You are working and/or attending school.
  • Your child has been referred, in writing, by two referring agencies. A referring agency may be a doctor, speech therapist, teacher or other professional who is currently working with you or your child.
  • The parent's doctor/specialist has recommended licensed child care (Medical Letter required)

Chart of income vs. cost

Steps to Apply for Child Care Subsidy

  1.  Apply for child care through the Child Care Registry and make sure to check "yes" I am interested in applying for child care subsidy.         

  2. When your child has been placed at a licensed child care provider, our Client and Systems Support Staff will start the intake process of your Child Care Subsidy application and collect all the necessary documents specific to your circumstances.  

  3. Once all the necessary documents have been submitted, an appointment with a Case Manager will be booked to complete  the application. 

  4. Attend the appointment with the Case Manager to review your application and complete the income test to determine if you are eligible for subsidy and how much financial assistance will be provided. 

Go to the Necessary Documents page for a complete list of required documents. Your eligibility depends on these documents. If you don’t have these documents, the Client and Systems Support Staff will not schedule the appointment. The full cost of child care is the parent's responsibility until the Child Care Subsidy application is complete.

Your Responsibilities as the Parent:

Once receiving child care subsidy, parents are responsible for the following:

  • Renewing your Child Care Subsidy Agreements every year with your Case Manager. Please respond promptly to all communications regarding your child care.

  • Informing your Case Manager of any changes to your work or school circumstances, living arrangements, address and contact information.

  • Giving at least 2 weeks notice to the Child Care Provider and Case Manager before withdrawing your child(ren) from care. This is important to avoid costs being charged that cannot be covered by subsidy.

  • Ensuring that you contact your Case Manager before registering your child in any program or switching your child to a new program. 

Details of all responsibilities are outlined in your Parental Agreement.