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Warm up With Chatham-Kent!

Fall in Chatham-Kent is a time of true beauty; locals spend their weekends visiting the many orchards that dot the county’s rural landscape, taking in the changing colours of the trees as they explore Chatham-Kent’s abundance of distinct recreational trails, and enjoying the last months of “patio season” at their favourite local restaurants.

However, if there is anything that can soften the impact of fall coming to an end, it is that the natural beauty, uniqueness and charm that exists throughout Chatham-Kent does not diminish, but merely changes shift as the calendar pages turn to winter..


Hit the trails...


You can throw on a touque and warm up with Chatham-Kent by setting out on one of over 44 unique walking trails. Routes range from beautiful waterfront views, to ones that weave within heavily forested ravines, secluded woodlands and award-winning parks.


Get Your "Culture Fix"..


Winter is the perfect time to get your fix of culture and entertainment, and in Chatham-Kent you can access it easily from the comfort of a state-of-the-art theatre, historic hall, or exceptional event venue. The Capitol Theatre – located in the heart of downtown Chatham - The Kiwanis Theatre, and The Mary Webb Centre  are among a long list of local venues which offer live shows and entertainment all season long.

Tickets to live concerts, comedy shows, plays, galleries and more happening throughout Chatham-Kent can be found online at, or directly at the box office of the designated venue.


Treat Yourself with Retail Therapy..

‘Tis the Season, as they say, and what better way to spread the holiday cheer than to find the perfect “something” for the special people in your life – or, for yourself! Experience small-town shopping like you never have before at one or more of the many charming, downtown “strips” that exist throughout Chatham-Kent. Each town is home to a number of unique fashion boutiques, café’s, custom florists, confectioners, jewelry storefronts and more, offering one-of-a-kind treasures amongst local, homemade goods and fare. In Chatham-Kent, the shopping doesn’t have to stop at the window. Come on in!

For more information or to book your trip to Chatham-Kent today, please contact 1.800.561.6125 or email


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Friday, December 2, 2016
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