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Buxton National Historic Site & Museum
Uncle Tom's Cabin Historic Site
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Buxton National Historic Site & Museum

2017 Summer School's In Session Program

Homecoming 2017


The Buxton National Historic Site & Museum is a truly hands-on experience. Visitors can see remnants of the community built by fugitive slaves and free persons of colour, founded in 1849. Tourists can take a class in the last standing school house built by slaves, picture themselves at home in an 1852 log cabin, explore the churches, ring the liberty bell and marvel at the  3 room museum displaying original artifacts including shackles worn by children and adults. Prepare to be inspired by achievements made by those who followed the North star to freedom and built one of the most successful planned Black Settlements in Canada.

Homecoming Celebration

Homecoming in Buxton is a special time, and for many, an emotional experience; it serves as a reminder of the injustices endured and the struggles to overcome them.

The first Homecoming was initiated by the Sunshine Club of the British Methodist Episcopal (BME) Church and was held on Labour Day 1924 in the pasture fields of Reginald and Minnie Robbins. This event was intended to draw former residents of Buxton who relocated to various parts of Canada and the United States for a return visit to the community. Descendants of former slaves have made this weekend comparable to a pilgrimage "home" where memories are rekindled, ties an acquaintances are renewed. The once one-day event has evolved into a full, long weekend celebration where people can acknowledge their heritage through a "Party in the Park", football, basketball and softball tournaments, church services, re-enactments, a parade, fireworks and much, much more!

Homecoming 2017


Admission Policies



  • $6.00 General Admission
  • $5.00 Senior & Students
  • FREE Pre-school children
  • $20.00 Rate per Family
  • Group rates available, see SPECIALS



A minimum of 24 hours notice required to issue full tour admission refund price.



May to September

Wednesday thru Sunday

1:00 to 4:30 p.m.

July & August


10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

October to April

Monday thru Friday

1:00 to 4:30 p.m.


Community of Buxton is "Still Standing"

 The Chatham-Kent town of Buxton received national recognition as it was featured on CBC’s hit show “Still Standing”. The series, which follows well-known actor and comedian Jonny Harris across Canada in search of the most unique communities, had no shortage of material when it came to finding out just what it is that makes the Chatham-Kent community so special. Harris, who is well versed in each big city, nook and cranny across the country, made the claim that, historically speaking, Buxton was, perhaps, the “most interesting place” that he had been to.

Watch the full episode here!




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