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Building a Healthy Workplace with Ergonomics - October 26, 2017

John O Foods Inc and Building a Healthy Workplace with Ergonomics accompanied by the EMC logo

These networking events are open to all Food and Beverage sector companies, including those directly supplying manufactured product to the industry.

On behalf of our event host, John O Foods inc., we invite you to join us for a special peer networking session focusing on the opportunities through ergonomics.

October is Global Ergonomics Month and our host, John O Foods Inc., invites you to participate in a very special event that highlights current best practices and seeks opportunities for improvement from peers.

Ergonomics, simply stated by CCHOS, is essentially “the science of matching the job to the worker and the product to the user.”  It examines the human’s capabilities and limitations.

The benefits of a good ergonomics program are significant such as:

  • overall health and safety improvements
  • reduction/mitigation of severity of injuries, lost time, and associated costs
  • enhancement of labour productivity and efficiency leading to waste reduction and better quality
  • fostering of a supportive and positive work culture, etc.

John O Foods Inc. has embraced ergonomic opportunities in their facility and is excited about enhancing their program. The company operates a 55,000 sq. ft. frozen warehouse and fish processing facility in Wheatley.  Over the last 15 years, they have become one of the best fresh water fish marketers and processors in North America, carry a full line of both domestic and European lake fish.

Our host invites you to tour their facility, learn about their processes, see some of their current ergonomic initiatives, and suggest thoughts on other areas that they might examine and improve on.  This is a perfect means in which to share knowledge and experience with your peers!

Who should attend? Senior Managers, Continuous Improvement and Plant Managers, and Human Resources.

EMC’s Food, Beverage and Bio Sector Initiative: EMC is enabling Food, Beverage and Bio Processors and Manufacturers across Ontario to enhance global competitiveness, build labour productivity and create new sector resources.

Agenda Items:

8:30 am – Plant Tour of John O Foods Inc. (Address included)

9:30 am – Event Discussion (Legion – 27 Erie St N, Wheatley, ON N0P 2P0)

Welcome and Introductions

EMC Update

Topic: Best Practices in Ergonomics

Round table Networking


11:30 am – Optional Lunch (The Pogue Restaurant – 15 Erie St N, Wheatley, N0P 2P0)

RSVP to Bren 

A poster is available for download under the download section on the upper right hand side of this page.


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