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Library Board

I Library Do U ? Chair Chandra K. ClarkeThe Chatham-Kent Public Library Board sets the strategic direction for Chatham-Kent Public Library. The Library Board oversees the library’s budget and financial expenditures, supports the library through advocacy, and appoints a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to provide general supervision over and direction of the operations of the library and its staff.

The Chatham-Kent Public Library Board is a governing board under the Public Library Act. The Library Board is comprised of four members of Municipal Council and seven citizen appointees. Municipal Council appoints all trustees, and approves the annual budget but does not authorize any specific actions or decisions of the Library Board. The CEO/Chief Librarian attends Library Board meetings and serves as the link between the Library and the Municipality's senior management team and Council. If you want to Request to Make a Deputation, please complete this Request to Make a Deputation form and submit to CEO/Chief Librarian.

I Library Do U? Councillor Steve Pinsonneault2015 - 2018 Chatham-Kent Public Library Board

Mark Authier, Councillor
Michael Bondy, Councillor
Linda Campbell
Robert Clarke
Darin Cook, Vice Chair
Patrick O'Hara
Steve Pinsonneault, Councillor
Derek Robertson, Councillor
Wayne Schnabel
Fannie Vavoulis
Margaret Young, Chair  

Board Meetings

The Library Board meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month (except July and August) at 5:00 pm. Most meetings take place at the Chatham Branch, although the Board periodically meets at one of the other branches. For meeting agendas and minutes, see Committees Of Council: Chatham-Kent Public Library Board.

Date Time Location
Tuesday, January 24 5:00 pm Chatham Branch - Meeting Room
Tuesday, February 28 5:00 pm Chatham Branch - Meeting Room
Tuesday, March 28 5:00 pm Blenheim Branch - Meeting Room
Tuesday, April 25 5:00 pm Chatham Branch - Meeting Room
Tuesday, May 23 5:00 pm Chatham Branch - Meeting Room
Tuesday, June 27 5:00 pm Wallaceburg Branch
Tuesday, September 26 5:00 pm Chatham Branch - Meeting Room
Tuesday, October 24 5:00 pm Chatham Branch - Meeting Room
Tuesday, November 28 5:00 pm Chatham Branch - Meeting Room
Tuesday, December 19 (tentative) 5:00 pm Dresden Branch - Program Room (downstairs)

Board Committees and Trustee Roles – 2016

Budget Committee: Linda Campbell, Patrick O'Hara, Margaret Young
Evaluation Committee: Michael Bondy, Fannie Vavoulis, Margaret Young
Policy Committee: Linda Campbell, Darin Cook, Margaret Young
Strategic Planning / Fundraising: Patrick O'Hara, Fannie Vavoulis, Margaret Young
SOLS Trustee Council Representative: Robert Clarke
FOPL Representative: Tania Sharpe
Friends of the Ridgetown Library: Wayne Schnabel
Friends of the Dresden Library: Darin Cook

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