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The Chatham-Kent Public Health Unit inspects various settings to ensure appropriate infection control practices are being followed. These settings include but are not limited to personal service settings, child care facilities and medical facilities. When a complaint is received, public health staff conduct facility inspections and assess practices and procedures. If an infection control lapse is identified, public health staff work with the facility to mitigate any hazards to the public and prevent further problems from arising.


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Erie St. Clair Victorian Order of Nurses (VON)

100-190 Stanley Ave. Chatham

Cleaned packages of foot care equipment were added to a bin containing packages of sterilized foot care equipment.

Five packages of cleaned equipment were used on patients during a foot care clinic.

The packages were not thoroughly assessed by VON staff for sterility before being used (autoclave package indicator turned colour for sterility, chemical indicator test strip inside of package, white quality control sticker affixed by CKHA post-sterilization).


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