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Safe Medication Use 

The medication you take may bejust what
you need to keep you healthy and able to carry out your daily activities.  Medicines are important, but there are risks with taking medicines that increase with age. 

Did you know taking more than 4 medications can increase the risk of falling?

How to keep safe while taking medications:

  • Know all the medications you take including over the counter and herbal medications
  • Write the medications down and carry the list with you
  • Understand why you are taking the medication – if you don’t understand, ask
  • Take the medication as recommended
  • Never take someone else’s medication
  • Recognize and report side effects to your doctor, health care provider or pharmacist
  • Review the medications you are on at least once a year with your doctor, health care provider or your pharmacist

Take part in the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care’s FREE Medscheck Program to make sure you are on the right track.

  • Keep all medications stored in a safe place out of reach from children
  • Lock them up if you are able to

Safe medication use for seniors
Health Canada Safe Medication Use 
Knowledge is the Best Medicine

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