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Chatham-Kent Employers – the Community Job Board is
Made for You!

Polly Smith, Program Manager, Employment and Social Services

“Right now, there is a plethora of jobs. There are many people hiring at all different skill levels,” says Polly Smith, a Program Manager in the Municipality of Chatham-Kent’s Employment and Social Services Division. Smith manages employment programs, employment resource centres, and some case management areas. As a result, she is in an excellent position to know about jobs in Chatham-Kent and how well employers and job seekers are connecting for their mutual benefit.

Employers and job seekers can draw on a variety of resources to connect, including Chatham-Kent’s Employment Resource Centres, public libraries, government and private websites, newspaper ads, and word of mouth  ̶  but Smith says there is at least one resource for Chatham-Kent’s employers and job seekers that is not being used to full capacity. That is the Chatham-Kent Community Job Board, to be found on the Municipality of Chatham-Kent website at, along with listings of municipal jobs.

“Many people are looking for better opportunities or new opportunities,” says Smith. “The Community Job Board is a way to help Chatham-Kent’s employers and people within our community, as well as outside, to connect to the variety of Chatham-Kent jobs that are available.”

The Community Job Board is specific to Chatham-Kent’s employment needs and opportunities. Job seekers can use the Community Job Board Subscription Service to receive e-mail notice of community and municipal job openings. Employers can advertise their employment openings for free, making the postings themselves, or the Chatham-Kent Employment Resource Centres will assist.

“There are still employers out there who do not access it, who put signs in their windows and use other means,” says Smith of the Chatham-Kent Community Job Board postings. “We can always take more. It’s steady and staff advisors at the Employment Resource Centres do reach out to employers who are having difficulty with recruitment, but at the same time we certainly could use more  ̶  the more the better. It makes the site more valuable to more people.”

For more information, visit, or visit or telephone the Chatham Employment Resource Centre at 519.436.1123 or the Wallaceburg Employment Resource Centre at 519.627.6986.

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